Whitening Collagen Candy


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Product Info:
– Formulated in Italy
– 40 sachets in a box
– Taste: Peach flavour

Whitening Collagen 4 Key Benefits:

(1) Natural Whitening Effect
An effective combination of Vitamin C, anthocyanins and Cherry Blossom extract promote natural skin whitening and glow from within.

(2) Double Anti-Oxidation Effect
Anthocyanins and Astaxanthin are extremely good ingredients for anti-oxidation effect. These promote cell detoxification to activate collagen production, coupled with anti-aging and spots reduction effect.

(3) Superior Hydration Effect
With patented moisturising ingredient, this product is effective in hydrating your skin right to the stratum corneum of the skin. It has ‘water locking’ effect to ensure highly moisturised skin.

(4) UV Rays Protection
Astaxanthin has the ability to scavenge free radicals by 6000 times more efficient than Vitamin C. The unique molecular structure effectively prevents ultraviolet radiation, scavenge free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays – reducing UV rays damage on the skin. 

Whitening Collagen Ingredients List:

(1) Peach
-High in vitamins content (especially vitamins A and C)
-Boost human immune system
-Reduce oxidative stress
-Protect skin from free radicals damage
-Anti-aging & anti-inflammatory effects 

(2) Mixed Berries
-Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Elderberry
-High antioxidant properties
-Provides anti-oxidative protection
-Anti-aging and promote healthier skin
-Stronger immune system
-Skin brightening and lightening effect 

-Boost healthy, smooth and firm complexion
-Promote beauty from within
-Slows down skin aging process
-Improve wound healing and reduce scarring

(4) Ceramide
-Preserve youthful skin
-Provide skin moisture-retention properties
-Promote skin smoothness and suppleness
-Facilitate uniformity of complexion
-Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

(5) Tremella Fuciformis Extract
-Improve skin complexion
-Enhance the appearance and texture of the skin, by maintaining the production of hyaluronic acid in the body (production of hyaluronic acid normally declines with age)
-Hydrate and moisturise the skin
-Lighten spots
-Heal epidermal layer of the skin 

(6) Sakura Extract
-Antioxidant properties
-Promote whitening effect
-Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect 

(7) Astaxanthin
-Powerful effective antioxidant
-Sustain healthy immune system function
-Improve skin elasticity, moisture level and smoothness
-Provide UV-light protection effect

-Take 1 candy and allow it to dissolve in your mouth.
-First month: 2 tablets a day. Subsequent months: 1 tablet a day. 

Not suitable for:

• Pregnant/ nursing (breast feeding) ladies
• Children
• People with chronic illness

1 box for SGD 84
2 boxes for SGD 140