Blackhead Removal Set

SGD 30.00

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The blackhead softening liquid rich in natural organic acid components can penetrate into the skin quickly, softening the stubborn blackheads. This solve the problem of hair follicle blockage caused by keratin accumulation.

Product information:

Step 1: Derived Liquid helps to open the pores and ensure easy extraction of the blackheads
Step 2: Blackhead/Whitehead white nose mask
Step 3: Shrink pores essence helps to close up the pores so that no further dirt gets in


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Frequency of use:

Normal to Oily skin type: Weekly or Bi-Weekly.
Sensitive skin type: 1 to 2 times a month.

Adjust the frequency according to the degree of blackheads. Do use the product more than once a week.

Things to Note:

1. Please do not use the product on skin with allergies, wounds, redness or eczema.

2. Hormone secretion during pregnancy is different from normal people, thus we do not recommended pregnant ladies to use.

3. There might be tingly sensation during the application of step 1 derived liquid. This is due to fruit acid component inside the product. When the fruit acid opens the pores and dissolves the blackhead, the skin may experience some tingling sensation, which is normal.

4. A thick layer of step 2 white nose mask should be applied on the treated area. If the white nose mask is not thick enough, it may affect the result.